Wiley vs. Rhodes

Live action/CG hybrid short film . 1+ million views online. 

Some COMMENTS on YouTube:

“Excellent Tribute !!”

“Robert Rugen is the guy behind this commercial and will also be the Director of the Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers Live Action?Animated Movie. So from the looks of this commercial, this know his way around cartoons. So there's hope for it not looking like crap.”

“Best .live action . EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Clever human interpretation of classic Looney Tunes characters.”

“From the same director as the "Get It On" Durex condom commercial and the "Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well" development teaser!”

“awsome video, sweet special effects, and the soundtrack is just PERFECT, Chuck Jones would be really proud of you guys =D 

“Nicely done!”

“muito bom. very good.”


“Hahaha, Genius!!!”

“This one is for us BIG kids that grew up watching Wilee Coyote and the Roadrunner. Thank you for making this most wonderful video - Beep Beep!”

“Hahaha this is awesome!! SO good! :) <3”

“Brilliant! Great work guys! Very entertaining!”

“Brilliant!  I was expecting the actual Road Runner to appear, but that guy in the blue jogging suit made me LoL with his impersonation.”

“A very nice tribute to the legendary  animated duo and there equally legendary animator. “

“Brilliant! Anyone who gave this a thumbs down is a freakin retard and should stay off the internet.”

“I want more. This is great!”

“AH HA AH aH AH Veeeery funny and well produced! One of the greatest videos ever. Congratz.”

“This is AWESOME!!!! More please!!!”


“This is so great. I love that you guys did your homework with the details. Chuck Jones would be proud.”

“How appropriate that I watch this on a Saturday morning. Good Job.”

“That was awesome :D”

“Excellent idea and work! This one made my day!”

“This is sooooo well done!”

“this is great, i love. it follows the shows Perfectly :) im just... WOW so awesome :)”

“the end is epic”

“Flipping brilliant!”

“Superrrr Geeeenius!”

“I look forward to future installments. In a word; this is GENIUS.”

“the music reminds me of the old cartoons. fits just perfect! fantastic piece of work. wanna see more!”

“I’m speechless, this was a piece of art, awsome =D”

“who ever made this was a visual effects genious “

“Probably one of the best shorts I have ever seen”

“Absolutely amazing! It's obvious you put a lot of work into this classic cartoon re-imagining and all the effort really show! Astounding job!”

“Great job! Very nostalgic. Please make more:)”

“Seriously amazing work! I can't believe how much this still holds true to the original with human actors. Thank you so much for bringing this to us!”

“That is amazing! What a gorgeous video. So well done. Wonderful job!”

“This is brilliant!  It's like every single episode ever made!”

“Well, isn't this bursting with originality! ”