I became attached to DIRECT the live action KIDROBOT MOVIE at MGM back in 2016, but the movie got stuck in “development hell” when the studio could not find a domestic distributor. However, in 2018, the rights and work-done-to-date was purchased by an outside investor, and the project is once again alive and kicking. There is now a new draft of the script and it is going back out to potential distributors in 2019.

Based on the international designer toy/collectable brand, to be produced by Aversano Films and Argonaut Films.

Stay tuned for more details…


Early integration test done for initial pitch. (*Not final character design.)

Animation by: Frank Patterson / Additional Animation and Rigging by: David Alonso / Additional Animation by: Laura Skowronski Nattam / Render by: Angel Negron / Composite by: Adrian Winter / VFX Supervisor (and all around good guy): Dave Thomilson